We are constantly alert and active. We don't back down without a fight.

Who we are

We are a group of a security professionals and software developers with a strong hold on mobile, desktop, embedded and web application reverse engineering. We also hold skills in vulnerability discovery, penetration testing, software debugging and development. We have consulted for major companies on the state of their security systems and aided them in remediation of their products. Profitable startups have shipped our code to help them achieve success. Our team also plays in CTF security tournaments and regularly play security wargames in addition to performing private security research targetting anti-virus/DRM systems. We also maintain blogs and release our research code to the public.

Previous work:

  • Penetration testing for websites including its52.com, mumineenaudio.org

  • Reverse engineering and implementation of iOS AirPlay for use on Android devices

  • Custom disassemblers for iOS, Android, x86, ARM and file format loaders for PE, Mach-O, ELF

  • ERP and CRM backend/frontend implementation using Odoo/OpenERP

  • Android app reverse engineering for Python client implementations

  • Black box binary patching to update compiled libraries (OpenSSL, libjpeg)

  • C source code auditing with manual analysis (cscope) and symbolic execution systems (KLEE)

  • JS web/mobile hybrid app audits for QA and Security Testing using (Ionic, React.JS, Express.JS)